Where To Start When Starting A Website

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Website

I launched my first website in 2009. Mercifully, no evidence of it remains. The same can’t be said for this 2011 version that has been archived for posterity by The Wayback Machine. Yikes! It’s like looking at an old yearbook […]

3 Ways To Keep Marketing When You’re Busy

Do you find time to exercise?Me? I like to do yoga. It’s gentle, yet effective. Builds muscle tone and bone density, improves posture and circulation, and literally clears my head (bye-bye sinus congestion). Most noticeably, when I practice yoga consistently […]

The What, Why, And How Of A Marketing Funnel

How to funnel more customers to your business

The idea of a marketing funnel is hardly new. It’s been around since at least 1924 and has roots dating back to the 19th century. So why—considering how much has changed in the past hundred years—are people still using it? […]